About us

Times Mobile is a division of The Times Group, India’s foremost media and entertainment conglomerate with a legacy of 185+ years. We provide omni-channel cloud communication and performance marketing solutions. We adhere to rigorous data security standards like SOC2 with comprehensive internal audits to ensure protection of sensitive client information. We deliver highly customised service and support to ensure that customers succeed with their investments with us.

Our Services

User Engagement Solutions

Engage customers instantly at scale with our high-performance cloud communication APIs for multiple channels – SMS, Voice, IP Messages, Google RCS, and Email. Achieve –

Unmatched SMS delivery: through our robust auto-scaled platform that is connected to all telecom operators and blasts 4+ billion messages monthly.

Scalable voice outreach: through our cloud contact centre that has capacity to dial out 1.5 billion calls monthly, boasting a near-50% call connect rate.

Data-Driven Insights: Gain real-time performance with clear dashboards. Unlock deeper audience understanding with our unique URL shortener. Track clicks and map them against TIL Audience data for valuable campaign insights.

WhatsApp for Business Solutions

WhatsApp has over 2 Billion users spending nearly 200 mins per week on it. Our comprehensive WhatsApp for Business (WABA) platform enables you to build impactful customer relationships and drive sales –

Engage your audience: using rich interactive and engaging messages with images and videos, use APIs to integrate this into your applications.

Simplify interactions: such as FAQs efficiently via flow-based chatbots.

Elevate user experience: through powerful generative AI based chatbots for advanced conversations, building deeper connections.

Ensure seamless resolution: hand off complex queries to live agents, guaranteeing personalised support for every need.

Extensive implementation support: ensures adequate ROI.

Identity & Authentication Solutions

Times Mobile offers 2 solutions in this space –

OTP via SMS: Times Mobile’s OTP SMS solution enables you to integrate 2 factor authorization into your application quickly and with very high reliability. Our platform enables cascading i.e. use of a secondary route in case the delivery report from the primary channel is not received by a defined time out. Our platform delivers 90% of OTP SMS within 10 seconds.

SAFr Auth from Sekura.ID: Times Mobile has partnered with Sekura.ID to bring SAFr Auth to India which is a mobile identity authentication solution that is more secure and convenient than OTP via SMS and biometrics. It uses the SIM card in a phone to verify a user’s identity, making it more secure because SIM cards are difficult to hack. It is also more convenient because users do not need to enter any codes or passwords. SAFr Auth is used by banks, financial institutions, and other companies that need to verify users’ identities.

User Acquisition Solutions

High Quality Performance Network: Times Mobile runs an extensive performance network that incorporates internal and external partners that drives conversion from TIL properties and 3rd party audiences. This network has global delivery capability in US, Canada, Brazil, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, UAE, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and India. We’re able to run large performance marketing programmes at scale and integrate several capabilities into the execution such as publisher delivery quality assessment etc. to ensure that the advertiser generates maximum ROI against their spend.

Content Audience Acquisition Pack: Times Mobile offers a unique solution that combines generation of highly qualified audiences via branded content on TIL properties with retargeting these audiences in a manner that is optimised for engagement and downstream events.

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